How To Overcome Colitis

The willingness to be cured of Colitis is halfway to health! “The trouble with me, Doc” says the patient, “is gas, I’ve got nothing but gas! Everything I eat turns to gas. Look at me, my stomach is all swollen gas. Hear that gurgling? That’s gas too! What I need is something for this awful gas.”

It is all so simple, to the patient that's suffering. What does he/she care wether the technical name is nervous indigestion or appendicitis or colitis? To them the important thing is the gas and how to get rid of it. As Shakespeare once said, there’s the rub, and there is precisely where the diagnosis and treatment of intestinal troubles begins.

Colitis IQ is and was created to help those who are willing to be helped, the advice given in the web pages to follow are offered as a step toward that proper understanding which is quite as necessary as actual medication.

Those who suffer from intestinal troubles will find herein both understanding and helpful suggestions. The most encouraging thing for you to know is that there are but few problems of health that cannot be aided by enlightened self interest.